The New Operating System

by Nigel Date

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In the realm beyond......

My name is, well, I can’t always remember what it used to be when I was on Earth but here I am called many names. Sometimes I take a name when a new one calls me but I forget them when I don’t hear the sound, after a while.

In the vast expanses between settlements there is danger and strange life and all manner of unknowable things.

Some say we’re dead already. Other’s think it’s a dream. Most don’t seem to be aware. Some become like plants, not moving and slowly get absorbed into structures and even each other.

There is sound on the air here. Sometimes distant and rumbling, other times piercing and shrill. Notes cascading across the dark sky, shrill with strange portent and melody.

There is power in these sounds, sometimes it is cacophonous and whole hillsides disappear and new structures and landforms appear.

I think I’m trapped in a mad God’s symphony. A composition without end it seems. A composition that changes the colour of the sky and the land itself. A strange and prolonged attempt to create their unknowable masterpiece.

Sometimes I see a sunset over a land so beautiful that I stop and weep and then weep again as the thunder destroys some delicate distant feature.

Sometimes I follow a sound like a drum and wonder if it weren’t my own heart or maybe another. Scrambling to top a rise expecting to find it there, I see but a fleeting wisp of shadow quickly fading.

And then silence again.

I walk this land daring not to stop too long. The settlements themselves are temporary. They to are subject to change just like the rest of the land. It is rarer though and some thrive in a gathering of souls and strange creatures.

There is death here. Some destroy and consume. Others like me want for nothing but some light in the long days and a handful of berries that grow here and there among the rocks. Occasionally I drink. There are rivers and streams but few. On occasion it rains and there are seas here where few if any dare to go.

I listen and remember the sounds I hear in the sky and attempt to recreate them on an instrument I found at some time, carved it is from an ancient wood.

There are trees here but it is best to avoid them. They can cause you harm. They will absorb those who venture to near. Many faces I have beheld lost in a silent scream trapped inside giant branches and trunks. Those who wandered carelessly, enamoured or weary.

Some trees are enormous. Impossibly high and with roots running for many miles. They can be seen moving slowly under the ground at times as if searching, making sand and soil ripple like water.

I move my hands over the wood of my instrument and I sing softly toward it. Sound is created. It amuses some when I stop to show or commune with others. With it I can make small rocks scatter and form. I can bend water back and make a breeze come, cast a spell on others to do my bidding, even for just a little while. I can recreate what I hear in the sky and see in the land albeit on a smaller scale.

For as long as I can recall I have wandered these lands sometimes finding companionship. It is though if I feel too much love for them, they fade and turn from me. I daren’t imagine or expect too much of my companions or they turn or are absorbed elsewhere. I seem to blind them with a strange light only I can see and not flinch from.

So I wander mainly alone.

In the sky there is a sun. and at night dim stars wheel overhead and there are seven moons.

Something new, strange and disturbing has happened though in recent days.

One of the moons has failed to rise.

There are new sounds in the sky and the land rumbles as though there was some giant moving far away unseen.

I must climb a tall hill or tower to try and see more.

There is danger in this.

I gather my small comforts and pull my cloak about me. Burying my face within, as the wind and sand sting me to tears......


released January 6, 2015

Guitars Nigel Date
Bass Chip Felpswagfyr
Drums Anders Beowulfsteenovich
Keys Kzogor 7
and the Upper Bucca Orchestra

Written, produced, engineered and mastered by Nigel Date



all rights reserved


Nigel Date

I'm a professional musician based in Sydney Australia. I play guitar for a lot of great bands and other musicians. I've composed lots of music. I play in a variety of styles. I play jazz, rock, blues and other world music styles. I love to play acoustic and electric guitars. ... more

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